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"Next best thing to being there!"


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Florida Caribbean

Cruise Association

Release Notes

Version 3.0.0 -- October 9th, 2017


New features

  • Video and audio players do not use or require Adobe Flash in all modern browsers.
  • Audio feeds have separate controls, including volume on most platforms.
  • Port Nassau now includes the Bahamian or Nuttin radio feed ("MUSIC").
  • Facebook and Twiiter share links appear when you hover your mouse over the video player and click on the sharing icon (top left).


Known issues

  • Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) running older versions (< 10.0) of iOS can exhibit unreliable behavior e.g. streams fail to start when selected.
  • Google Chrome browser can generate an "Aww, snap" crash if run for many hours on Windows 10 - memory leak issue. Microsoft Edge browser has performed better in testing.
  • Video and audio streams now lag real-time by 30+ seconds which will be noticeable if trying to sync activity with other sources like Flightradar24.
  • Some graphics (e.g. audio control buttons) don't size properly in Internet Explorer 11. Recommend viewers use alternate modern browsers like Edge, Chrome.or Firefox.
  • Default Android "Internet" browser app doesn not support playing more than one video or audio stream concurrently. Use Chrome or Firefox browser apps instead.
  • Autoplay of sound and video is supported on Windows 10 browsers but not on mobile devices or Mac OS. Just click the play arrows to start each stream separately.


Note that previous 2.x version using the Adobe Flash Player is still available from the "OLD VERSION" link or by visiting www.PTZtvPremium.com/flash.php .

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