"Next best thing to being there!"
"Next best thing to being there!"

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Premium LITE offers a simple, low cost option to enjoy all of our webcams ad-free on the websites that you already know. No banner ads. Everything else the same.


LITE is a subscription service with following pricing options :


  $5 per month


$50 per year (a $10 saving over monthly) 



LITE subscriptions are managed by the same Tinypass service from Piano that we use for our full Premium offering. If you already have an account with Tinypass, you can use that same account to buy a subscription for LITE. If you don't have an account, just create one in the checkout process. Note that full Premium subscribers will also get ad-free viewing on our regular webcam websites. No need to buy an additional LITE subscription for those benefits.


In order to use LITE and see the benefits, you need to be logged in on that same purchase page and in the same browser where you plan to view our webcam websites. You must have cookies enabled (default for most browsers). You will not have to log in repeatedly. Just log in once and then switch between any of our webcams and we will auto-detect that you are a LITE subscriber. If you use a "private browsing" mode your cookies will be lost when the browser is closed and you will have to log in again next time.

IMPORTANT: If you use any browser add-on (e.g. ad blocker like Ghostery) or setting that prevents cross-site tracking (e.g. in Apple Safari), you will need to turn them off for our Premium LITE page. Otherwise we will not be able to check your subscription status on all our other websites and ads will still show on those sites.


If you don't see an ad-free webcam page immediately after purchase, don't worry. Just refresh/reload that page.


If you use multiple devices in your home (e.g. desktop computer, tablet and phone) you will need to log in to your Tinypass account on each one and within each browser you use. There is no need to log out on one device or browser before logging in on another. However, please remember that our subscriptions are for use within one household, not for sharing beyond that household!


To manage your subscription, update payment details or cancel the service... please visit your Piano/Tinypass customer dashboard at https://dashboard.tinypass.com . Look for PTZtv Premium LITE under your "Active" products. Note that payment methods are under the "my wallet" menu option. 


Any problems? Visit our contact page or generate a new "inquiry" under the "help!" menu option at the top of your Tinypass dashboard.


Screenshot below is the Premium LITE landing page where you log in/out and purchase subscriptions. All benefits are delivered on our regular webcam websites e.g. PortEvergladesWebcam.com, PortCanaveralWebcam.com, etc. after you have logged into this page.


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