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"Next best thing to being there!"

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No planned maintenance.


During periods of extreme viewer interest in certain one-off events like hurricanes, new ship arrivals, sick ship arrivals, etc. you may experience difficulty loading our webcam websites or be presented with "content not available" messages by our video players. Unfortunately, we have finite viewer capacity and it is not economically feasible for us to provide an infinitely scalable video service. We do provide some dedicated resources for our subscription services and they should provide you with a much more stable viewing platform during these events.


During the on-going Coronavirus pandemic, our ability to travel to and resolve individual camera issues may be limited or non-existent. We are working hard with our many technology and location partners to keep PTZtv streaming throughout this difficult period.

Please note that this section is updated manually and typically within 24-48 hours of a failure. PTZtv staff will have reviewed the failure condition and tried to correct remotely. Check back often for updates if you do not see your camera of interest.


Port Nassau Webcam


September 15th, 2021 : The video stream may also stutter and appear to keep stopping or go OFFLINE. We believe this is anothe rmanifestation of the core problem and we are working with our network partners to diagnose and resolve.


September 6th 2021 : Internet gateway for this location has recently been replaced to address regular, short outages every couple of hours. However, the new gateway manifests a different problem where we go OFFLINE for up to two hours each day. This problem is being actively pursued with our networking partners on the island.


Pompano Beach Cam


September 6th 2021 : OFFLINE since the early hours. Cause unknown but likely local power or network cabling. Investigating...


Port Aruba Webcam


August 2021 : Still waiting on final agreement to visit Aruba and install a new camera in a slightly different location.


June 2021 : We are in advanced stage of scheduling restart of this camera, hopefully will be July or August 2021.


April 2021 : We are continuing to discuss safe and acceptable ways to replace/relocate this camera with Port of Aruba.


OFFLINE since early on Thursday March 5th, 2020 ... appears to be camera or cable fault that will require replacement on-site. We anticipate this being a longer term outage, especially now we are in the midst of coronavirus travel restrictions. Many apologies.


Port Everglades Webcam


April 2021 : Live sound is OFFLINE at this time and no plans to restore 24/7 (factors beyond our control). Sound may be temporarily enabled during cruise ship sail-aways. This is not a technical problem or outage.


Maho Beach Cam


There is a persistent crackling sound on the live microphone feed. This will be addressed next time we are on the island for routine maintenance... later in 2021.


Fort Lauderdale Webcam


You may see periods when the cameras are OFFLINE due to construction work at Pier 66 reaching our tower roof location. We have worked with management at the site to prolong our camera availability and thank them for their continued support and co-operation. However... there are no guarantees that we will be able to maintain 100% uptime.


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