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During periods of extreme viewer interest in certain one-off events like hurricanes and new ship arrivals, you may experience difficulty loading our webcam websites or be presented with "content not available" messages by our video players. Unfortunately, we have finite viewer capacity and it is not economically feasible for us to provide an infinitely scalable video service. We do provide some dedicated resources for our subscription services and they should provide you with a much more stable viewing platform during these events.


Please note that this section is updated manually and typically within 24-48 hours of a failure. PTZtv staff will have reviewed the failure condition and tried to correct remotely. Check back often for updates if you do not see your camera of interest.


Juneau Harbor Webcam


Saturday 2nd March, 2024 : Camera and sound went OFFLINE just after 7:10pm last night. Investigating...


Florida Monkey Cam


Saturday 24th Feb 2024 : Cameras will be OFFLINE for a few weeks while construction is underway at the sanctuary.


Friday 11th Aug 2023 : These cameras (4) are now launched but the remote nature of their location means power is not continuous (solar + battery) or always available. Cameras may go OFFLINE at random times due to battery depletion, overcast weather, etc. The Dania Beach Monkey Sanctuary is working to secure a permanent FP&L power hookup.


Note that YouTube Live includes a 12 hour sliding window DVR. If the cams are offline or you want to see what you missed earlier in the day ... just click/drag the red timeline bar to go back in time. When finished, click on "LIVE" to return to current live stream (if available).


Key West Harbor Webcam


Wednesday Dec 13th, 2023 : Resolving the audo issues was scheduled for this week but the sudden passing of our co-founder Lou Gnandt has put the work on indefinite hold. Many apologies.


Wednesday Aug 16th, 2023 : Microphone and Marine VHF audio feeds remain OFFLINE. Widespread damage occured at our location as a result of a direct lightning strike. Even though our camera survived, it appears our audio systems did not. This may be a prolonged outage until we can acquire and install replacement hardware.


Fort Lauderdale Webcam


Update 1/28/2022 : Cameras have been removed from the Pier 66 site today. We hope to return them once construction work is completed, possibly 2024, and have been enthusiastically invited to do so. In the meantime, if we can find a temporary home for an elevated view camera then we will.


Update 1/24/2022 : We have been advised that as construction work is intensifying, power supply will be very erratic and we will need to remove/shutdown these cameras for possibly two years. Not wholly unexpected but nonetheless disappointing to lose the great views from Pier 66. Final removal details and date still to be determined.


You may see periods when the cameras are OFFLINE due to construction work at Pier 66 reaching our tower roof location. We have worked with management at the site to prolong our camera availability and thank them for their continued support and co-operation. However... there are no guarantees that we will be able to maintain 100% uptime.


Atlantic City Webcam


Tuesday December 28th 2021 : Due to changing business and location conditions, we have reluctantly decided to discontinue this webcam.


Port Aruba Webcam


December 2021 : In the absence of a working agreement with our partners, we have reluctantly decided to discontinue this webcam.

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