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During periods of extreme viewer interest in certain one-off events like hurricanes, new ship arrivals, sick ship arrivals, etc. you may experience difficulty loading our webcam websites or be presented with "content not available" messages by our video players. Unfortunately, we have finite viewer capacity and it is not economically feasible for us to provide an infinitely scalable video service. We do provide some dedicated resources for our subscription services and they should provide you with a much more stable viewing platform during these events.


During the on-going Coronavirus pandemic, our ability to travel to and resolve individual camera issues may be limited or non-existent. We are working hard with our many technology and location partners to keep PTZtv streaming throughout this difficult period.

Please note that this section is updated manually and typically within 24-48 hours of a failure. PTZtv staff will have reviewed the failure condition and tried to correct remotely. Check back often for updates if you do not see your camera of interest.


Fort Lauderdale Webcam


Update 1/24/2022 : We have been advised that as construction work is intensifying, power supply will be very erratic and we will need to remove/shutdown these cameras for possibly two years. Not wholly unexpected but nonetheless disappointing to lose the great views from Pier 66. Final removal details and date still to be determined.


You may see periods when the cameras are OFFLINE due to construction work at Pier 66 reaching our tower roof location. We have worked with management at the site to prolong our camera availability and thank them for their continued support and co-operation. However... there are no guarantees that we will be able to maintain 100% uptime.


Maho Beach Cam


Wednesday January 26th, 2022 : Attempts to revive the VHF ATC feed have failed. New equipment will have to be procured, transported to SXM and installed This will inevitably take weeks not days before we can restore this audio. Apologies.


Thursday January 20th, 2022 : VHF ATC feed is down and we are investigating possible casues and solutions. This also affects the SXM Island Cam and cut the whole feed to PTZtv One (now resolved).


Atlantic City Webcam


Tuesday December 28th 2021 : Due to changing business and location conditions, we have reluctantly decided to discontinue this webcam.


Satuurday November 20th 2021 : Camera went OFFLINE at 5am EST. Internet connection is still up. Looks like another possible camera failure. To be investigated...


Port Aruba Webcam


December 2021 : In the absence of a working agreement with our partners, we have reluctantly decided to discontinue this webcam.


November 2021 : Still waiting ...........


September 2021 :  Still waiting ...........


August 2021 : Still waiting on final agreement to visit Aruba and install a new camera in a slightly different location.


June 2021 : We are in advanced stage of scheduling restart of this camera, hopefully will be July or August 2021.


April 2021 : We are continuing to discuss safe and acceptable ways to replace/relocate this camera with Port of Aruba.


OFFLINE since early on Thursday March 5th, 2020 ... appears to be camera or cable fault that will require replacement on-site. We anticipate this being a longer term outage, especially now we are in the midst of coronavirus travel restrictions. Many apologies.




Novermber 5th 2021 : Problems (video stalls and long outages every ~18 hours) persist with our Internet connection for Port Nassau Webcam. Met with our service providers this week and they are exploring alternate connection methods for us e.g. a direct fiber connect.


November 2nd 2021 : Port Nassau Webcam is back ONLINE. Site visit was required (fly from USA to Nassau).


October 26th 2021 : Unfortunately, power cycling our equipment did not reset or resolve the "not enough power" condition. We plan to visit the location next week with replacement parts and resolve the problem. Apologies for the extended outage. An electrical spike from lightning is the working theory.


October 23rd 2021 : Just after 6pm EDT yesterday and during a heavy storm, Port Nassau camera started streaming a black screen with the message "Not enough power for both camera and pan tilt motors". This is a new issue but one we've seen before. Unfortunately, it often means damage to the data+power cable running to the camera and possibly water penetration. If we're lucky, only a circuit protector has been triggered and a power cycle will resolve. If not... equipment replacement will be required.


October 21st 2021 : Paradise Island Cam is back ONLINE (new network router). Port Nassau still suffering from daily outages of 1-2 hours and intermittently poor connections.


October 12h 2021 : Despite being mostly back online over the weekend, serious and signifcant problems remain outstanding with Port Nassau... including multi-hour outages once or twice a day, inability for us to accurately control the camera position and stuttering/freezing video/sound. All these problems are attributable to issues with our Internet partner Aliv. Paradise Island still remains completely OFFLINE for the same reason.


October 7th 2021 : Port Nassau became more stable and watchable this afternoon. Paradise Island remains OFFLINE completely.


October 5th 2021 : Starting yesterday, Aliv engineering work on our connection to Port Nassau has produced significant disruption, including loss of stability and reliability. Paradise Island also remains completely OFFLINE until physical access and equipment replacement can be completed. We sincerely apologize for the frustration our viewers are experiencing. We are beyond frustrated ........


September 30th 2021 : Paradise Island cam is completely OFFLINE since yesterday afternoon and Port Nassau is still suffering from daily 1-2hr outages. Aliv continue to look into their chronic network issues that are seriously diminishing our service reliability. Many apologies to our viewers.


September 24th 2021 : Diagnostic and resolution progress has been made today by our network partners Aliv. We are monitoring both cameras in Nassau to see what (if any) problems remain. It is still possible that multiple issues existed and that some are still outstanding.


September 15th, 2021 : The video stream may also stutter and appear to keep stopping or go OFFLINE. We believe this is anothe rmanifestation of the core problem and we are working with our network partners to diagnose and resolve.


September 6th 2021 : Internet gateway for this location has recently been replaced to address regular, short outages every couple of hours. However, the new gateway manifests a different problem where we go OFFLINE for up to two hours each day. This problem is being actively pursued with our networking partners on the island.


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