"Next best thing to being there!"
"Next best thing to being there!"


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June 6th, 2018 : PTZtv launches Paradise island Cam

ParadiseIslandCam.com -- in association with Rum Cay Media Group and Cable Bahamas, connected by Aliv.

Paradise Island Cam Paradise Island Cam has panoramic views of Paradise Island, including the Atlantis Resort

may 30th, 2018 : PTZtv releases First Roku Channel

PTZtv has published an ad-supported Roku channel, now available to Roku users in the USA, Canada and UK.

The channel includes all of PTZtv's live camera feeds and most of their sound feeds. It is a perfect way to enjoy HD live streaming video on a big screen TV while you sit back and relax. Never let that flat screen be just a black obelisk on your wall. Get your window into paradise and create your own million-dollar views.


Learn more from PTZtv in the Roku Channel Store -- click here .


Learn more about Roku and their products from www.Roku.com .

Roku TV from TCL TCL Roku TV
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