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"Next best thing to being there!"

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Our free-to-view websites are funded by advertising. Streaming live video 24/7/365 from high quality HD cameras is an expensive business and we have to cover those costs for every viewer. Internet traffic (video and sound) from us to you is metered and we have to pay for every second of it.


If we detect our advertising has been blocked or removed, we stop our video after 10 seconds and display an FAQ splashscreen instead ... "some elements of our web page are not reaching your browser".


In the screenshot below you can see an example with one of our free-to-view sites -- Port Everglades Webcam.


All third-party advertising has been removed and we have added red boxes to show you where those banner ads would have been displayed.


You can also see an icon -- white hand on red background and a numeral '4' on it --  in the top right corner of the browser.


In this example, that's an ad blocking browser plug-in (AdBlock) that removed our advertising and led us to restrict access to our live video, in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of Use.


You can very easily click that icon (as shown) and select various options to not run ("pause") ad blocking on the currently loaded website. Doing that will make our advertising display and our video play.


If you would like to watch on a free-to-view basis, then please unblock our advertising. That may involve locating, re-configuring (e.g. "pausing" or "exceptions") or removing an ad blocking add-on to your browser. It may mean turning off "tracking protection" or similar browser privacy settings e.g. "private browsing" in Firefox. It could require you to disable a feature of your Internet Security Suite e.g. "anti-banner" from Kaspersky or Avast, or a setting in your VPN. You could try using an alternate browser with less privacy settings solely for watching our webcams.


A complete list of possible blocking entities/methods and work-arounds is beyond the scope of this page.


If you would really prefer an ad-free experience, or advertising is being blocked by a mechanism beyond your control e.g. your school or employer's network, then please consider trying one of our ad-free subscription options..


You can learn more about PTZtv Premium here and our lower cost PTZtv One alternative here .

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