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Frequently Asked Questions AbOUT PTZtv PREMIUM

Also check our technical FAQ here.

What is PTZtv One?


PTZtv One is an ad-free subscription service introduced in April 2020. It includes app support for TV streaming systems like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. It also offers a fully functional and responsive website enabling live webcam viewing on many different devices.


Please note that PTZtv One is not part of the Premium family. It has a completely different subscription system. If you are an existing Premium subscriber and would like to try One, you will need to create a new account by signing up at one.ptztv.com or within one of our TV apps/channels. Regardless of where you sign-up or buy your One subscription, you will have access on all devices with a single account.

How do we cancel a subscription?


You can do it yourself from the "My Account" button at the top of the PTZtv Premium home page.


You can email us from the subscription holder's email address (the one used to log in) and we will cancel for you.


Note that "cancellation" terminates access immediately whereas "disable auto-renew" stops further automated payments but you retain access up to the end of the currently paid-up period, at which point the subscription automatically expires.

Can we give PTZv Premium as a gift?


May 2018 : This option is not available at this time but we hope to introduce again in the future.

Do you offer refunds?


No. All of our access ticket sales are final and nonrefundable.


Given the nature of our product -- live streaming video -- there is no concept of returning the goods for a refund.


However, you can cancel a subscription at any time through the "My Account" page.

Why did you introduce Premium?


Our business is primarily funded by advertising and that enables us to offer high quality webcam video on a free-to-view basis. We are totally committed to maintaining that direction, provided the online advertising industry remains viable and healthy.


However, it has become increasingly clear that some viewers prefer or our forced to watch ad-free or in ways that remove our advertising e.g. full screen mode. We simply can't fund our operating expenses if we allow more and more unfunded, ad-free viewing. 

We understand that many of you enjoy watching our webcams in full screen, either on a large display or on a TV. We have introduced PTZtv Premium to offer greater choice and as a mechanism to recover our costs for ad-free viewing.

We believe offering an additional option for watching our webcams is the best and fairest way to accommodate a variety of different viewer preferences. Our free-to-view websites and strategy remain firmly in place.

Why did you pick those prices?


Our introductory pricing gives you a number of options, from $2/day for a weekend to $1/day for a week to ~50c/day for a whole month.


We believe this pricing is fair and represents good value. However, we also understand that cost is relative to a person's means. Provided it remains economically feasible, we will continue to offer our live streaming video on a free-to-view basis through dedicated, ad-supported websites.


For our cruising enthusiasts, the annual cost of subscribing to PTZtv Premium is less than you might pay per person for two day's worth of beverage package ... and less than the average per passenger per day cost of a cruise (~ $220).






What payment methods do you accept?


Our paid content service provider (Tinypass/Piano) accepts these payment options: the four major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) plus PayPal.


All payments for PTZtv Premium are made in US Dollars (USD) regardless of your location. When you purchase using your local currency, the amount is automatically converted to USD using the exchange rate at that time. Credit card payments converting to USD may incur a small conversion fee depending on your card provider.

Do we need a subscription for every computing device we own?


No. You may use one subscription to watch on different devices within your household. For example: on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.


However, sharing of login credentials is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate cancellation without refund.

What devices do you support?


We test on a variety of devices including desktop and laptop computers running Windows 10 and Mac OS, iPhones and iPads running iOS, and Samsung Galaxy S2 tablets (Android OS).


Our preferred browser is Google Chrome but we also test in other moderns browsers like Edge and Firefox on Windows.


Note that Internet Explorer is not supported. This may be an issue if you are still using Windows Vista which is also no longer supported for updates to Google Chrome. Premium will run in Firefox on Windows Vista.


We do not test on Smart TV's with built-in browsers.... but some may work.


In general, the more powerful your device, the better experience you are likely to get with live streaming video which is a compute and bandwidth intensive application. For example: older mobile devices running iOS or Android may not play multiple media streams concurrently


Please try your particular device before committing to a subscription. 

We still see advertising but you said "no banner ads" ?


PTZtv Premium includes no banner or programmatic advertising that benefits PTZtv LLC. As a courtesy, we do acknowledge our partner locations whenever you select a webcam : simply by name and back-link to their websites.


For your convenience, we also include options to display maps from Marine Traffic and Flightradar24. Both of these services are independent of PTZtv and the respective operators offer their own subscription/premium plans. You may need to sign-up if you wish to remove advertising from their maps.


Please consult each company's program details for further information :


Marine Traffic



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