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"Next best thing to being there!"


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Florida Caribbean

Cruise Association

Sound Controls

New version without Flash (Oct 2017):


Each sound channel gets a separate start/stop button and volume control.


As of Feb 2018, airport cams (Maho Beach and Miami) have their live outdoor sound (microphone) stream integrated with the video to improve synchronization. Sound controls (mute and volume) are included with the video controls overlay which appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the video player window. The separate button control to play/stop the MIC sound has been removed.


On some mobile devices, master volume control is through the buttons provided on the device and individual sound channel volume control is not available.


Old Flash-based version :


All sound controls ('mute' and 'volume') are embedded within the video player and the sound will automatically start and stop with the video.


Where we have two sound channels for a location (e.g. Maho Beach) the volume slider behaves like a stereo balance control. In the case of Maho Beach, all the way to the right equates to 100% MIC, 0% ATC. Center is 50% of both sources and all the way to the left is 0% MIC, 100% ATC.



Viewing Options


If you have ~1,650 pixels or more of horizontal display resolution, you can choose between a portrait or a landscape format for our dual player layout. Just drag the right edge of your browser frame to expand its width until both players sit side-by-side (for landscape) or the opposite to get above-n-below (for portrait).



Examples of landscape and portrait layouts for dual players.


On 1080p (1920 x 1080 resolution) displays or larger, you can use the "one player" selection to remove the second player and allow the first one to expand to the limits of your browser size. This is perfect if you want a larger video window but don't want to go full screen. Pick any size by dragging the right side of your browser frame. Our video will "snap" to the correct 16:9 HD aspect ratio but you may have to adjust the browser boundaries a little to remove any scroll bars or blank space.

Example of one player layout expanded to full browser width

If you require an even tighter fit, you can use the "no header" option to hide  the PTZtv Premium header and menu options.


This is perfect for sending your browser window to your TV using devices like Chromecast -- retaining only the camera selection control at the very top.


To remove that camera selection control and achieve a totally frameless TV display, you can use the fullscreen button on our video controls. In Chromecast, once you have started "casting" to your TV, fullscreen mode will be contained within your browser window (not expanding to your whole desktop or laptop display). Video will completely fill your TV screen but you will still be able to minimize your PTZtv Premium browser window and continue using your computer with no loss of display area. A very handy feature which we use on a daily basis.

PTZtv Premium and Chromecast Chrome browser on Windows 10 chromecasting PTZtv Premium to a flat screen LED TV (desktop view)
PTZtv Premium and Chromecast Juneau Harbor Webcam chromecasted in full screen mode from Chrome browser with PTZtv Premium to a 46" Sony TV (frameless TV view)
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