"Next best thing to being there!"
"Next best thing to being there!"

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Leadership Team

In Memoriam : Lou Gnandt

Co-founder and Managing Partner


Prior to forming PTZtv LLC, Lou spent many years in the property and real estate financing world. A long time resident at Port Everglades and keen photographer, he founded the Port Everglades Webcam in 2006. Lou was passionate about capturing the best shot... whether that be still image or streaming video.


At PTZtv, Lou was responsible for all business and customer relationships, including our location partnerships. When he was not in front of or behind the lens of our cameras, he was traveling the world to find us that next great view!


Lou made a tremendous impact on PTZtv and touched millions of viewers with the content he helped produce. He brought people together from around the world, some of whom forged lifelong friendships as a reuslt. He will be missed by family, friends, partners and many loyal viewers.


Lou passed away December 8th, 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

David Balmforth

Co-founder and Partner


David is one of the founders of PTZtv LLC and brings over 30 years of hi-tech industry experience. A native of the UK now living in California, he has worked on every level of computing technology from applications down to silicon chips. Most recently, he held technical management positions in the Networking and Microprocessor Divisions at AMD in Silicon Valley.


David is responsible for all of PTZtv's technology infrastructure. He also plays a very active role in business development and marketing. An Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate from Birmingham City University, David has spent most of his career in software engineering.

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