"Next best thing to being there!"
"Next best thing to being there!"

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Promotion for your Location

PTZtv offers the opportunity to "sell" the view potential of your location through online streaming video. We are focused on ports and harbors that regularly feature cruise ship traffic but are not limited to that content. Our value might be the wider exposure of your view alone or a greater awareness of your core business among a targeted and relevant audience.


In many cases, we partner with you rather than sell you a camera and service. That business model makes us highly motivated to ensure our scenic webcams are successful.


Each project is unique but our process usually involves the following steps.



Whether on our own initiative or in response to a potential partner's inquiry, we do extensive pre-planning and research for a prospective webcam location... before ever leaving our offices. We look at maps, aerial and satellite photography, videos and local demographic data. We check sight lines, elevations and orientations relative to the sun. 


If the location is a cruise port or destination, we check past and future shipping schedules to evaluate the number of ship calls per year, arrival and departure times and where possible... berth usage.


Internet connectivity to the site of a camera is an important consideration so we will contact local ISPs to establish feasibility.


Site Survey


Based on our pre-planning research, we will visit a location and evaluate potential mounting sites. There is no substitute for boots on the ground and an experienced surveyor.


It is not uncommon for us to take multiple days to check views at different times of day and from many different angles. Close-in or far off? High or low? These are all important considerations. If the location is a cruise port, we will wait for cruise ship arrivals and departures to gather real-world frame composition examples.


During the survey phase, we collect hundreds of site photographs.


Partnership Agreement


If a location owner/partner is involved, we will meet with them to present our survey findings and project feasibility.


We lay out joint roles and responsibilities in a simple, plain English partnership agreement and deal with any installation or operational questions.


When both parties decide to proceed, we schedule the installation.


Site Development & Installation

Once we have the green light for a new project, we start building a new online destination website for your webcam. Depending on the partner, we will include branding and advertising for them and often created by them.


Internet connectivity is ordered for the location and installation scheduled. This can take anything from a week to many months, depending on the technology and provider's process. We strongly prefer a fast online on-ramp so choose providers accordingly.


Once we have a working Internet connection, PTZtv camera equipment and back-end infrastructure are prepared and installed.




This is where the fun begins!


We launch your webcam website and link it to all our other online properties. An announcement goes out to our extensive social networking audience and they start spreading the word. Within days, you start seeing more likes for your Facebook page and referrals to your website. Within weeks, you start seeing foot traffic to your location with people asking about the webcam. Within months you are booking extra business because of the webcam and everyone wants to stop by to checkout your place... home of the latest PTZtv Webcam!


PTZtv manages your camera, picking interesting and varied views and featuring audience attractors like cruise ship arrivals and sail-aways, commercial shipping, super yachts, sail boats, happy smiling tourists, bad weather, etc., etc.


We stay deeply connected to your location, actively promoting special event coverage and orchestrating every camera movement. Our success is intrinsically linked to yours. The more popular your webcam becomes, the more valuable it is to both you and the PTZtv portfolio.

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